Deciding To Become an Egg Donor

The decision to become an egg donor is quite a big one. If you’re still thinking about it, as an intended donor you should be 100% sure that you’re doing the right thing for the right reason. While egg donation can bring so much joy, not only to new parents but to yourself as well, you need to be fully committed and serious about the process.

Infertility is on the up-rise and is a very sensitive issue that can affect up to 15% of couples. There is help and fertility treatments available, but often they are still not successful, and this is when an Intended Parent would need the help of you, the egg donor.

Donating for the right reasons

The process of donating an egg is not complicated, but requires dedication from the donor to complete. As a Sunshine donor, you are compensated for your commitment and time that goes towards the in vitro fertilization process. Although you do get paid for egg donation, the main motivation for most donors is knowing what an invaluable help they have been to couples who wouldn’t otherwise be able to have children.

Women choose to donate for many different reasons. Some have family or friends who struggle with infertility, for others it may be the joy they’ve discovered in being able to give life as a donor. Many women come back to donate several times after their first egg donation! One of our previous donors described it beautifully as “The feeling of giving a gift that cannot be bought has fulfilled my soul in a way that can barely be described. It can only be felt.”

Or as another donor put it: “It’s like an overwhelming sense of pride knowing I was able to contribute towards a family’s future.”

Taking the leap

After you’ve made the decision to donate, and the initial tests are done, the rest of the egg donation process can be pretty simple and quick and before you know it, you would have done your first donation!

So whether you’re interested in becoming a donor, or have already made up your mind, you can contact our coordinators. They will sit down with you over a cup of coffee, give you all the information and support you need, and walk with you through the entire process of your first egg donation and beyond.