Screening Tests for Egg Donors

To be eligible to be an egg donor with our Egg Donor Agency in San Francisco, CA, the donor must first complete the following screening tests.

Initial Interview

During this visit, the egg donor meets with members of CFA’s medical and nursing personnel, who will discuss all aspects of her testing and treatment cycle, review possible risks, and develop and explain her specific testing and treatment plan.

General & Gynecological Exam

The egg donor undergoes tests relevant to the maintenance of a safe and healthy pregnancy including a complete physical examination, pelvic exam, Pap smear and cervical cultures.

Blood Work

The egg donor must also undergo extensive blood testing which is strictly required by the FDA to screen for important transmissible medical conditions such as HIV, hepatitis, and syphilis. This bloodwork is required once you are matched, and must also be repeated within one month of the donation.

Genetic Counseling

Every donor is required to undergo genetic counseling and screening by CFA’s Genetic Counselor, and to demonstrate normal testing of her karyotype (chromosomes) along with screening for common diseases such as cystic fibrosis, Fragile X and hemoglobinopathies (anemias). In addition, she is also screened for those genetic diseases which are more common to her specific heritage.

Psychological Interview

During this session, our psychologist will assess the donor’s psychological suitability for the process. The psychologist also assures adequate informed consent, and determines that the donor fully understands and accepts the future rights of both the donor and the recipient. In addition, standardized psychological testing will be performed to evaluate the donors personality traits and overall emotional stability.


The egg donor is given personalized instruction regarding the administration, dosages, timing and safety of each of the medications she may be using including, injectable Lupron®, gonadotropins and HCG. Arrangements for the ordering and delivery of these (and any other) medications will also be made.